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Video Editing is one of the most important step in the overall video production process. During Video Editing - which is part of Post-Production or simply 'post'- various elements such as live shoot footage, images, stock, text and music are brought together and stitched in a creative manner.

For fiction based films like features, shorts films or serials, the editor uses the dialogue script as a guide to carry out editing. For non-fiction, the treatment and voice over if available becomes the basis of editing the film together.

Technology has come a long way in the way videos are edited today - from the physical cutting of negatives to fully digitized post-production workflows that can take place on the cloud. However, video editing still remains an art whereby the editor along with the director mould the video to tell their story in a manner that evokes the right emotional response from the audience.

Rave Films makes it even easier for you to get your footage/images edited into professional looking and highly creative videos.
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3 EASY STEPS to make your Video Story Come Alive!

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With Rave Film, you need not learn complex video editing tools. Our editor network has over 15 years of experience working on feature films, short films, daily soaps, tv commercials, advertisments, digital films and corporate audio visuals.

All you need to begin your video editing journey is to follow our 1-2-3 Steps stated above and your video editing is on its way. Simply pick up your phone and tell us your requirment - event video/social media reel or video post, wedding promo, invitation promos, product or service demo, customer testimonial or any other personal video that you would like to get edited professionally.

Even if you have only images and no footage, you need not worry. We can create an interesting video using just your images and our imagination. Check out this image to video editing example whereby we created an interesting corporate video with phone-clicked images, adding music, voice-over and stock footage to enhance the video's overall appeal.

For marketeers with existing video assets, who are looking to vertically optimize for mobile marketing, check out our optimization services here.

Our Post-Production Work

Image to Video Editing

Event Sales Promo - Teaser

Company Profile Video with existing Footage/Images

Animated Explainer Video

Training Video Editing

Customer Testimonial & Product Animation

Types of Videos which we can edit for you:

Corporate Videos: Any images, video footage of your company's offices/factory/warehouse can be converted into a video with a voiceover that tell's your company's story. Add text to the video using simple computer graphics & animation to underline key details throughout the video.

Explainer Videos: These are simple animation videos with cartoon characters that help the viewer understand a product's working. Created with animation and VFX, explainer videos are a cost-effective way to reach and retain your customer base.

Wedding Films & Promos: Stylized wedding shoots, pre-wedding teasers and wedding promos are making the occasion of wedding truly memorable for generations. Send in your wedding footage to us for editing and get short, breath-taking films of your special day which you can share with the world.
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