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Rave FilmsB2B - Your complete corporate video solutions provider. We are an award winning video production company delivering films that engage, inform and make an impact. We specialize in all forms of corporate video production that include Audio-Visuals, Company Profile, Marketing Films, Tactical Films, Induction Videos, Client Testimonials, Training Films and Product demos.

Right from understanding your requirements to scripts and their execution, we provide comprehensive video solutions delivering the best production values in the most cost-optimised manner. See what makes RAVE FILMS B2B different from others.

Have questions about how corporate films are made? How long does it take to make the film? What could be the budgets? Get all your answers HERE.

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Give Your Business the Video Edge

- An engaging 5 minute training film can boost performance of Sales teams by many folds by showing them the right way to sell
- Client testimonial films can help a company gain recognition within niche markets and win more business
- Product Demo Films can aid marketing teams in delivering compelling presentation to prospective clients even when they are not in front of the client

TACTICAL B2B VIDEOS are a powerful medium to target specific audiences and influence their thinking & decision making. Learn how you can give your B2B communication that extra edge with Tactical Videos.

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Jack of All Trades

Master of Film-Making. We have worked across sectors helping companies tell their unique stories through compelling audio-visuals.

Corporate Film Production Banking & Financial Services
Tactical Film Production Ceramics
Corporate AV Production Chemicals
Group Corporate Film Conglomerate

Explainer Video Production E-Commerce
Corporate Film Production Education
Corporate Video Production Engineering
Training Film Production FMCG

Corporate Video Production Healthcare
Product Demo Video IT/ITeS/BPO
Corporate Video Production Power
Experience Film Print Solutions

Corporate Film Walkthrough Real Estate
CSR Video Production

How We do It?

We provide optimized solutions across the entire Video Production Value Chain. All you need to do is pick up your phone and tell us your requirement and your tentative budget. Based on your inputs, we carry out research and come out with concepts and scripts. Once the script is locked and budget finalized we begin production. Our payment terms are simple - 50% advance and 50% at the time of delivery.

Most video projects normally take 18-20 working days for completion.




- Storyboarding
- Location Recce
- Casting of Actors, Models and Real Talent Casting
- Budgeting & Scheduling


- Sourcing of the best technicians including DOP, Art Director, Stylists

- Sourcing of equipments for both film and digital formats

- Production crew packages including Lighting, Grip, Camera, Sound, Transport, Makeup, Wardrobe, Set Design, Props, Gaffer etc.


- Creative Editing and Graphics

- Music and Jingle Composition, Voice-Overs, Dubbing, Multi-lingual versions

- Sourcing of best deals in post production including VFX, CGI and DI

Our Rich Clientele

BNP Paribas
Gold's Gym
Hinduja Grp
RAK Ceramics
Indian Property Show


Hindustan Times

Coke India





Orenda Corp

Red Riding Scarves

Astron Fashion

Kotak Mahindra Bank


Indus Source Books

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What Our Clients are Saying

What Makes Us Different?

To answer this question, we asked our clients what made them choose us and more importantly what makes them come back to us time and again. These are some of the things that our clients liked about our style of working:

Partners rather than Vendors

For us, its never 'your film', its always 'our film'

Stunning Ideas

We love writing scripts, so you can bring in your ideas, whether its a white sheet of paper or half baked scripts and we would happily fill in the blanks.

Value for money

With our cost-efficient solutions, you get a lot more for every rupee spent when you work with
Rave Films


In terms of quality, deliverables, timelines and budgets, we hate shocking our clients on any front. Pleasant surprises are however always a possibility.

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All About Corporate Films

Our FAQ section can help you understand the various aspects of making awesome corporate films for your company by taking informed decision. In case your query is still not answered, contact us on

What is a Corporate Video?
Videos that enable companies to showcase their products, services, their experience and expertise as well as their background and pedigree to different audiences like stakeholders, customers, investors, employees, or even Government Bodies. Consider a Corporate Video to be a corporate presentation in a video format which is a lot more interesting to watch.

How to make a Corporate Video?
Corporate Videos help in establishing a company's brand in the B2B arena. Hence the quality of the video should match your product or the service you offer. Making corporate films is a complicated process best left to video professionals like Rave FilmsB2B. To begin making your company's corporate film, get in touch with us and leave the hassle of video production to our experts.

What is the ideal duration for a corporate AV?
Anything below 5 minutes and the viewers would be mostly grateful to you. However, there is no thumb rule to this and it all depends on the goal behind creating the corporate audiovisual. Given the decreasing attention spans of today's viewers(including ourselves), less is more. Hence keep it short and crisp unless its a training or demo video.

What is the process involved in making a corporate video?
Corporate videos or any other forms of marketing videos including ad films comprise of 4 broad phases:

Briefing: This is when you realize you need a corporate film and you contact people like us. We will ask you about your goal, your target audience, your time frame and your budget.

Pre-Production: Based on your brief, Rave Films goes on to work out different concepts and scripts to meet your goal in the most cost-effective manner. This is the planning phase in which various ways of doing the film are discussed, draft scripts are prepared and perfected, location recce by the film crew is carried out, storyboards are drawn, permissions if any are acquired, shoot dates are fixed and so on.

Production:The plan created in the previous phase is put into motion in the Production stage. Video shoot is carried out day-wise in shifts(9 hrs) at locations provided by the client such as office & manufacturing plant. If the script requires a specialized location like a house or a kitchen, an appropriate studio is hired and propped up with the help of set designers.
Shoots involve a crew of at least 10 people including lightmen, makeup artist, camera operators, director, line producer etc. Video shooting is a slow process as each shot being taken needs to be lit up properly. There is a lot of movement of equipment after every shot and therefore it is imperative that the film crew be allotted sufficient time to capture the best shot possible.

Post-Production: The final phase in creating the film, Post-Production involves editing of the footage captured, creation of graphics and animation, music composition, voice-over dubbing if required and color correction. This iterative process results in different intermediate 'cuts' of the film - from rough cut to the final cut - that are shared with the client for feedback and revised until the final film is created.

How much does it cost to make a corporate AV?
A good-quality professionally executed corporate film of around 5 minutes costs approximately Rs. 5 lacs. This is just a ballpark figure to help you plan. The ultimate cost depends on several factors like number of days of shoot, the script, does it involve actors or celebs, travel, studio, art direction, music, amount of computer graphics & animation and most importantly the quality you are looking at.

Rave Films has broken down the complex process of making a corporate video and choosing the right budget by offering simple video production packages. To get started, take your pick on this link.

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