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You have a great product, you take a lot of effort in marketing it across the board. Yet, actual sales fail to live up to your expectations. What went wrong? Maybe time to look at the on-ground sales team that is ultimately responsible for bringing in the revenues. Are they trained enough to sell the right way, and importantly are they motivated enough to do that extra bit to make the sale? Here's where the power of a training video can help.

With videos you can show your Sales Team exactly how to sell products in different markets and make that Sale. Videos can be created in native languages and crafted in an informative yet interesting manner to train as well as motivate your Sales Team to Sell More & Sell Better.

Take another real-world scenario. In today's competitive times, customer service is paramount. An uncivil or impolite customer experience can lead to loss of customer(and thus revenue) or worse, cascade into a PR debacle. How can a company with 100s of customer facing personnel deal with such a situation? By creating soft-skills training videos that communicate the company's policies & protocols while dealing with various customer situations. The training video can show and tell your employees of how they are expected to conduct themselves at every customer touch point.

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Training Films by Rave Films B2B

Here is an excerpt of a training video by Rave Films B2B for a personal grooming solutions provider that is helping their Salesmen become Super-Salesmen in rural markets across India:

- Sales Training Film
- Sales Motivational Video
- Pre Sales Call Training Film
- Trade Skills Training Film
- Home Demo Training Video
- Product Demo Training Video

How We do It?

We provide optimized solutions across the entire Training Video Production Value Chain. All you need to do is tell us your requirement and your tentative budget. Based on your inputs, we carry out research and come out with concepts and scripts. Once the script is locked and budget finalized we begin production. Our payment terms are simple - 50% advance and 50% at the time of delivery.

Most video projects normally take 18-20 working days for completion.




- Storyboarding
- Location Recce
- Casting of Actors, Models and Real Talent Casting
- Budgeting & Scheduling


- Sourcing of the best technicians including DOP, Art Director, Stylists

- Sourcing of equipments for both film and digital formats

- Production crew packages including Lighting, Grip, Camera, Sound, Transport, Makeup, Wardrobe, Set Design, Props, Gaffer etc.


- Creative Editing and Graphics

- Music and Jingle Composition, Voice-Overs, Dubbing, Multi-lingual versions

- Sourcing of best deals in post production including VFX, CGI and DI

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Master of Film-Making. We have worked across sectors helping companies tell their unique stories through compelling audio-visuals.

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What Our Clients are Saying

What Makes Us Different?

To answer this question, we asked our clients what made them choose us and more importantly what makes them come back to us time and again. These are some of the things that our clients liked about our style of working:

Partners rather than Vendors

For us, its never 'your film', its always 'our film'

Stunning Ideas

We love writing scripts, so you can bring in your ideas, whether its a white sheet of paper or half baked scripts and we would happily fill in the blanks.

Value for money

With our cost-efficient solutions, you get a lot more for every rupee spent when you work with
Rave Films


In terms of quality, deliverables, timelines and budgets, we hate shocking our clients on any front. Pleasant surprises are however always a possibility.

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Sharing Happiness

Telling stories makes us happy but what makes us happier is when we are able to share our happiness with others. Rave Films makes regular contributions towards child education to help under privileged children become strong, independent and happy individuals.